Bessie the cow vs Bessie the pig

Me nombre es Don. FYI, that is the extent of the Spanish you will probably ever see in this blog. Hope I spelled it right. (Spelling is a topic we’ll get to on some other post.) “Don” is what pretty well everyone but my Mom calls me. She still calls me “Donald”.  “Hey, Don” usually refers to me because there are not that many “Dons” roaming the wild. This is a little less accurate in my particular case because I am an identical twin. Again, more on that in some future post. (Piece of trivia – Most “Dons” I ever meet are my age or older which is over 50.)

Applying the same logic to “Bessie” would mean that when you talk to someone about “Bessie” they are pretty sure about who or what you are referring to. Having a cow named “Bessie” and a pig named “Bessie” on the same farm just leads to mass confusion. When you holler “Bessie got out in the road”, whomever you are hollering at doesn’t know who got out! Was it the cow or the pig? This could be a problem.

Now, to the point of this post. Why is this blog named the way it is? Names have power. I am not getting all arcane and mystic here. Names confer information. That is why you do not name both your pig and your cow “Bessie”! (Well, I guess George Foreman got away with it.) “MeanwhileUpOnTheFarm” came from thinking about “Meanwhile, back on the ranch” which is a classic movie/ TV phrase. I was raised on a farm not a ranch. The relevant phrase to me would then be “Meanwhile, down on the farm”. The whole point of this blog is that I am NOT “down” or depressed about farm life!  I think it is the BEST way of life! Therefore I am “UP” on life on the farm. There you go. A semi-rational explanation of a totally emotional decision about the name of this blog. Go out there and Name Something!


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