Calf Scour Yellow

Once upon a time, there was a High School that decided to arrange a deal for the Basketball team to all order game shoes together. The arrangement was made that the Team would put in their combined order for game shoes resulting in uniformity in their uniform shoes. They would all be the same style and color. Now, this was way back in the day. Shoes didn’t much come in many different styles or colors. I know this may seem mind boggling to people who have grown up with the overwhelming plethora of styles, shapes, soles, names, colors, and brands that are offered these days. This was kind of a big deal to the players who would all be getting this same shoe. The big day came and the shoes were handed out to the team……… and they were CALF SCOUR YELLOW! Oh, the HORROR!!!!

Those of you out there who are familiar with the phenomenon of “calf scours” will immediately bring to mind a particular shade of putrid yellow. It is an almost fluorescent color with maybe a hint of “biliousness”. ( I really don’t think “biliousness ” is a word but it is descriptive.) Scours is otherwise pretty much known as diarrhea. It is a not uncommon affliction of calves. It particularly affects calves confined together and fed together. (We will discuss bucket feeding in a later post.) It is fairly treatable but can can be very serious to fatal if ignored. You can Google an image of it if you are really enthused by my description. We had seen scours On our shoes ( actually, our barn boots), but to see this as an intentional color choice was, at the least, disconcerting. Imagine with me running up and down the basketball court looking like you had waded through liquid calf excrement. We could only look forward to an entire basketball season beset with trying to hide our feet under the sideline bench. Kind of like tying to hide a “hickey”, it only made the embarrassment more acute. This color choice was not repeated in subsequent years.

Here is a link for those of you interested in a more in-depth investigation of the phenomenon known as “calf scours”.


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