Fall is already falling

People who live outside of the city centers know that the seasons are starting to change. Fall is starting to fall all over my yard. This is mainly in the form of walnut leaves and walnuts. The three walnut trees in my back yard are dropping spotted yellow leaves and green and black nuts everywhere.  I can sit on my back deck and hear the “thump” of a walnut hitting the ground about every 15 minutes or so. I highly recommend to myself that I wear a hard hat on any foray out there mowing grass or heading to the garden. Walnuts are always one of the first trees to lose their leaves as the daylight starts to get shorter. It was about 98 degrees yesterday so this change is certainly not caused by cooling temperatures.


Southwest Missouri is home to the “Premiere” black walnut company in the United States. Hammons Products. Hammons Products shelling stations are a staple sight to rural Missourians every fall. Loaded down pick-up trucks line up to unload their fragrant mounds of walnuts. This is a popular money making enterprise for lots of families. A word to the wise is to wear gloves if you plan on picking up a bunch of walnuts. The hulls stain your hands quite a bit and that stain does not want to wash off very easily. Here is a factoid for anyone wanting to make some quick cash. That price is for the HULLED weight not the weight with all that green and black stuff on it. Shelling stations open October 1st at an initial price of $13.00 per hundred pounds according to the Hammons website. http://www.black-walnuts.com .


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