Existential stuff. Who am I?

On the back deck

On the back deck

Hi! I grew up on a small dairy farm in Southwest Missouri back when you could throw a rock and hit a small dairy farm in Southwest Missouri. You would have to have a much better arm now than 40 years ago. That is part of the reason I am blogging.

My parents came from farm families. My wife worked on her grandparent’s farm. My two children spent time on their grandparent’s farm. My grandchildren may not have that opportunity. There are many life enriching lessons that can be learned from contact with the realities of farm living. These are lessons we all can benefit from. I want anyone who is looking for a richer life to, at least vicariously, enjoy some of these experiences.

I don’t live in the country at the moment, but I have in the past. I work in Healthcare and have for over 20 years. I feel a great connection with my patients partly because I have experienced the realities of life and death on a farm. Farm life involves highs and lows and a close connection to the Real World of seasons, natural cycles, and their effects on animal and crop vitality.

I love God, my wife, my family, singing, gardening, fishing, and reading Science Fiction among other things. I love living in Southwest Missouri. I love expressing myself. Hopefully, in ways that can influence others.02-14-09 copies 004


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