Two years ago today my wife and I had the trip of a lifetime. Our trip to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt was amazing! That is me in the blue shirt. My wife took the picture. We saw amazing sites straight out of the Bible and straight out of history. That trip remains one of the highlights of my life and always will be. We landed in Tel Aviv, Israel on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. This post is not so much about the trip as it is about how blessed we are to live in America.

I grew up in the green and verdant countryside of Southwest Missouri. Yes, we have dry spells and our land is pretty rocky. You may have to use a pick axe and a pry bar to dig a post hole. There is one spot where my dad had to fill an old tire with cement to hold up a post! Compared to some of the land we saw in the Middle East, this land is literally the land of milk and honey.

The land we drove through in Jordan literally looked like Lunar Landscape.

Near Petra, Jordan

Near Petra, Jordan

I cannot imagine people being able to grow a crop or have a herd of cattle there. I was agog at the sight of such utter desolation compared to the lush pastures at home. I couldn’t help but compare this image to herds of holsteins grazing through waist high fields of fescue and clover.

There are people out there who hate America, this luscious land of plenty. They have their reasons. I am not here to debate politics, religion, or cultures. The farmers of America can do their own part to share the wealth of the land that God has so graciously granted us. He has given us the resources, the technology, and the will to feed the hungry masses. He has given us a beautiful and productive home. America can export more than just our weapons technology. “The Way to a Man’s Heart is through his belly.” I know a man who has been to Eastern Europe several times to share his Agricultural knowledge. We can lead the world in facing the challenges of food production and land management. The Ottoman Empire raped the land of Jordan of trees and fertility. Maybe some day we can all return that land to a state of productivity.

We did see some amazing Agriculture going on in Israel.Holy Land Trip 915 They are pioneering extreme low water usage techniques. This is a picture of a sun shaded commercial vegetable farm. Jordan has a fertile strip of land along the Jordan River where almost all of the food the country produces is grown. It is not all Moonscape. We had ice cream at one of the Israeli kibbutz on the way to Egypt that specializes in dairy production. This was an eye-opening experience in many different ways.Holy Land Trip 920



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