Its cobweb time.

We are about to that time of year when the spiders start really getting after it out in the woods and in the garden. You can’t walk through the woods without running through some big strand of spider web…. or maybe 15 of them. This, in and of itself, is not that big a deal. The spiders are usually off in some corner somewhere else so it is just that 10 feet of sticky web you have to deal with. Except for the fact that I really dis-like spiders.

Out for a walk

Out for a walk

You know how some people are terrified of snakes? I wouldn’t classify myself as arachnophobic but I do get really creeped out by spiders. I always have. Remember my post about ball caps a few days ago where I mentioned that a cap keeps the cobwebs out of your hair when you crawl around under the house? That is very important. I just will not crawl under a house without a hat on, mainly for that reason. (There is also the whole banging your head on a floor joist issue.) The cobwebs are bad enough but it is the thought of the producers of the webs that incentivizes me to keep that hat on.

This is not so much of a problem most of the time for most people. Farm life seems to put you in quite a bit closer contact. There is that whole walking through the woods experience. There are lots of reasons for walking through the woods this time of year like looking for walnuts, persimmons, or a good spot for a deer stand. I’ve learned to carry a stick with me to try to clear the path. Sometimes I have to get off the actual path I am walking on. Cows really do make paths that are very easy to follow. Spiders seem to love to run webs across that nice open space. That stick may not be sufficient for the job in which case I may have to go between a different set of trees maybe 20 feet out of the way. Usually, this involves more brush, rose bushes, and blackberry thorns. Stupid spiders.

These webs are all over the place. Haylofts are great places for webs.There are not so many haylofts in this era of pole barns and big round bales but I have been in my share of them. Just walking through the pasture this time of year can bring you to webs strung between a couple of iron weeds or milk weeds. I guess it teaches me to pay more attention to where I am going. Climbing into last year’s deer stand can be quite the adventure. I can’t even seem to go out on my back deck without waving my arms around like I’m drowning or signaling an airplane.

Cobwebs and spiders are just another part of nature. I wouldn’t have it any other way. People tell me that spiders serve a good purpose and I guess I can go along with that. I have thrown my share of grasshoppers into a garden spider’s web to watch them wrap it up. They really can be fascinating; in a pretty disgusting sense. Here’s hoping you have a walking stick handy the next time you go for a walk.


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