Who am I?

Who am I to Seek to wrest the Bounty of the Soil from out the Ground in which it rests by virtue of my Toil?

Who am I seek to guide the Herds, the Flocks, the Fold; To Breed and Feed and Water them and Shelter them from Cold?

Who am I to seek to Farm the Ground on which I Stand? What Vanity to think I’ll find my Life’s work in my Land!

Who am I to Breathe the air and Drink of water Pure; to Labor Hard in sun and shade and be so Down Right Sure….

That Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall, the Harvest of this Earth will cleanse my Soul and fill my Heart in Plenty or in Dearth.

I’m a Farmer, Rancher, Harvester, Grower; American through and through. I find Vocation in this life. I was born for what I do!

My Blood is in this land of mine. And too, my Sweat and Tears. So when I’m old I Pray that I can think back on the years…

and know the World is better off, that I helped to stem the Tides of Hunger, Need, and Anger; to know the Land Provides.


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