Where do you want to eat tonight?

The trendy Tex/Mex burrito restaurant, Chipotle, has a controversial marketing strategy. This strategy is not actually new, they did the same thing with a previous ad campaign maligning Big Food and Corporate Farming. This new advertisement is on You Tube. You will notice, if you watch it, that the Chipotle name is only in one spot at the end of the video.

I am NOT a fan of this portrayal of Agriculture. Here is the link to an article about the video followed by my comment. ( My comment is being moderated and may not show up on the link. I also corrected some errors when I re-published it here.) Be Warned that many of the comments are VERY profane if you decide to read them. (What are people thinking?)


“Chipotle has high hopes that The Scarecrow will officially cement its status as a fast food chain with a brain.”

Chipotle wants everyone to think that the only people with brains are the people who buy into their worldview. “Organically” raised food is fine but the output is insufficient  for any significant segment of the population. The achievable scale of production is miniscule compared to the overall demand.

The decision to never utilize “Genetically Modified” food is not a decision made solely because of mythical “Food Safety” claims. The reason to not use these foods is a marketing ploy based on scaring people who don’t research the safety of such foods. If we all believed such myths, we would still think tomatoes are poisonous.

Here is a link to a balanced discussion of the issue. Believe who you decide to believe. Don’t believe scare tactics.  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/harvest/v… Yesterday 6:04pm


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