Still bangin’ the Drum

An important topic  deserves a fair bit of coverage. The Chipotle ‘Scarecrow’ video is important. Agriculture needs to stay on point and on top of articles in the Media that are so negative towards Agriculture in general. People are going to eat regardless of how this “Crow” video portrays the way that food gets on the table. They will make their choices on what they eat and where they eat depending on their own personal tastes and preferences. American farmers need to make sure that we have a hand in shaping those tastes and preferences instead of letting negative images of our practices dominate the conversation.

My classmates and I at Missouri State University made videos to put on our blogs as a class project. My teammates and I came up with this one.

This was our first try at home grown video. I found the contrast between what Chipotle portrays and what McDonalds shows a remarkable one. The story told by each is compelling. Chipotle could have chosen to market positively and chose to go the other direction. Do you find attack video or positive coverage more appealing? Here is a link to the full McDonald”s video. Watch it and see which one appeals to you.

I was raised on a dairy farm. Our cows did not sleep on water beds! We did try our best to make sure they were cared for in the best way we could. That is good practice if you want a profitable farm. Let me know whether your choices are influenced by these videos. Do you feel better about Ag or worse? Are you more or less likely to eat at Chipotle? I hope I have made my choice clear. Pass the word. This topic deserves our thought and time.



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